Reviews of the restaurant. How to manage and react.

Reviews of the restaurant

According to statistics, customer reviews left on the Internet-one of the main factors affecting the number of guests in your restaurant. Visitors who have already visited you and decided to write a review to help new potential customers to determine whether they fit your institution or not.

Any experienced restaurateur knows that you need to constantly take care and improve the reputation of the institution, this directly affects the profit of your business. Feedback control and feedback is very important to the overall success of the business. There are several services where visitors can share their impressions of visiting a new place and leave feedback.

  • twitter
  • facebook
  • foursquare
  • tripadvisor
  • the official page of your institution

Basically, these are social networks, where people just write a reviews of the restaurant. using special hashtags, or comment on the official pages of various institutions. It is very important that the information you have in social networks has always been relevant – do not mislead customers, and leave the wrong prices or promotions that have not been valid for a long time. Make sure you’re notified of new comments right away. It is very important to quickly respond to any feedback, both positive and negative. In the information on the page you can specify the hashtags that users will put by posting photos from your restaurant, and thus you can easily track the activity of users and mark new photos.

Reviews of the restaurant on social networks

social networks

It is necessary to understand why most users leave comments on their pages on social networks or in groups. If you have a website and it has a special page “Reviews of our customers”, and it has no more than 3 reviews per year-do not worry. You may be required to register on the site and need to go through a complex process by creating an account, but most Internet users are used to share experiences and emotions on their pages, so that their friends can see the information, as well as in the official groups of your restaurant on facebook or twitter. That’s why pay special attention to the content on the pages and make sure that each reviews of the restaurant. was with feedback.

Be sure to give a nice bonus or discount for everyone who filled out the form – you have to show that everyone who spent their time really helped you and you are grateful for it.

Another way to find out what customers think about your institution is to use an email newsletter. You can create a profile, for example, using the Google Form service, as well as make it anonymous in order to make your customers feel safe and give honest answers. This newsletter can be done only if you have a database of customers who have left their contact details indicating that they are ready to receive news and special offers from you.

Before you create a questionnaire, you need to analyze what problem you will help to solve customer answers. It could be:

  • loyalty system
  • service
  • new items in the menu
  • service

Do not do too many questions in the newsletter, think you would spend 10 minutes of your personal time on this form. It is best to give ready-made answers and a few questions. Don’t forget to make a special line for wishes and suggestions especially for those who want to say more!

Be sure to give a nice bonus or discount for everyone who filled out the form – you have to show that everyone who spent their time really helped you and you are grateful for it.

Feedback processing and optimization of the restaurant

Now, based on the feedback received, you can analyze the work of the institution and decide what to change or add. The main wishes of customers are usually related to the quality of service or menu. That is why, to optimize the work of the restaurant you need to answer these questions for yourself:

  1. how quickly the waiters serve the tables
  2. do you have a person in your team who does not work well
  3. how smoothly the staff works
  4. what items on the menu did not please customers
  5. how many guests wrote a bad reviews of the restaurant. about a particular dish

These are the main issues that most often help to improve the performance of the restaurant, and to understand what was wrong. It is thanks to the feedback from visitors that you will be able to see your restaurant from the outside and understand what can be improved or replaced. Very often, your guests will help you identify and deal with a problem that you did not even notice.