Current trends in restaurant interior design

restaurant interior design

Decor in the style of the middle of the last century, Wallpaper with huge leaves and flowers, unique dishes — modern trends in restaurant interior design are diverse and variable as never before. And yet, what trends are brighter and more noticeable this year? Those that not only allow you to nurture the commitment of regular customers, but also competently attract attention, surprise, become the subject of discussion. And also encouraging to spend time in a comfortable environment, causing a desire to stay for longer-not only to taste delicious food, but also to take a photo for Instagram on the background of an interesting interior and tell friends about the cozy atmosphere. Let’s look at how the interior design of the restaurant can help in achieving the above effects.

Wallpaper with large floral pattern

From delicate and elegant flowers to real jungle — Wallpapers with floral restaurant interior design conquer the walls of restaurants around the world. Where did this trend come from? The fact that the photo of flowers and plants — one of the most popular types of content in social networks, and restaurants do not miss the opportunity to use it to your advantage. The use of living plants in restaurant interior design is quite time-consuming and expensive idea, especially if none of the staff has the talent of a gardener. While Wallpaper – a simple and affordable way to transform the interior and create a feeling for visitors to stay close to nature. Beautiful Wallpapers also create a great background for photos that visitors make in the institution, which also contributes to the promotion of the Internet.

“Home environment”

Many restaurants today replace the secluded tables for two large tables, which can accommodate more people, and separate chairs and chairs — long shared sofas on the wall. What for? Such common Seating encourages interaction and communication, leads to the establishment of more companies, as well as optimize the space in the hall, allowing you to take more guests at the same time.

Another very noticeable trend is the use of furniture and decor, which turn the hall into a cozy home living room. Some restaurants, along with a hall with traditional tables, equip a separate room with sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, bookcases, where guests are treated to aperitifs, drinks and even main dishes, if they like and convenient. This cozy and relaxed atmosphere allows guests to feel relaxed, “at home” and brings the atmosphere in the cafe to a new level.

Focus on lighting

Lighting, muted so that it is impossible to make out what is written in the menu, is a thing of the past. Instead, restaurants use more bright and pleasant lighting. But this does not mean that the restaurant should be a blinding light. We are talking about thoughtful lighting, which is aimed at certain areas in the hall.

Restaurants are also increasingly resorting to” smart ” lighting system that allow you to remotely change the intensity and even the shade of light as a particular light bulb, and the whole restaurant lighting.


Retro finish

Brass and chrome decor are returning to the trends of the restaurant interior. These metals are used in the decoration of bar counters, tables and chairs to create a retro atmosphere. This metal decor goes well with another retro trend-floor linoleum instead of parquet or tile. Again-in order to create a more “home” and cozy atmosphere.

Another retro trend-neon signs on the walls. They create a great background for pictures in Instagram, especially if the inscription is cool or witty.

Not only local cuisine

The demand for local cuisine in the restaurant industry is getting higher from year to year. Only now should be authentic not only food, but also the restaurant interior design of the institution.

Restaurateurs attract local designers to the process, because local cuisine is not only traditional recipes for a certain area and products grown by local farmers, but also unique in its kind dishes, furniture, decor, created by the hands of local craftsmen.

Restaurant interior design

Interior trends in the restaurant industry come and go quite quickly, to adapt to the changing tastes of the consumer. Keep up with all the trends is simply unrealistic, and do not need. It is important to be aware of what the interior design of restaurants in the trend at the moment, and in time to make the necessary changes that are harmoniously woven into the concept. This will maintain a keen interest in the cafe / restaurant and show visitors that you are keeping pace with the times and develop with them.