Promotion of the restaurant as a location for weddings and banquets

Promotion of the restaurant as a venue for weddings and other special events is quite time — consuming and long process. But it’s definitely worth the effort. Taking a wedding or other celebration, you at once attract a wide audience, which with the right approach will be able to convert into loyal customers of your institution.

The promotion of the Banquet hall of the restaurant

So, weddings and other banquets — this is an opportunity to reach a large audience. Guests who visited you at the wedding in the restaurant – your potential customers. If you are located in a big city, perhaps many of them did not even know about the existence of your promotion of the restaurant.

If they like the cuisine and the level of service, they are very likely to become your visitors. If, in addition to the kitchen, you manage to impress guests with a high level of the event, they will probably want to celebrate your own special event. Not necessarily a wedding, it can be an anniversary, corporate event, etc.

Moreover, a huge circle of people who were not even present at the event will know about you. These are friends and acquaintances of the guests, with whom the latter will certainly share their impressions. These are friends of guests in social networks who will see photos from the wedding.

So, the benefits are obvious. What you need to do to attract newlyweds to the restaurant and how to create a holiday so unforgettable for them to use the full “word of mouth” and reactions in social networks?

Declare yourself as a wedding location

Even if you have a small place in the area and it would seem that there is no possibility to take crowded events, you can position yourself as a promotion of the restaurant for a small wedding. Today, many couples prefer to celebrate their special day in a narrow circle of the closest people and are looking for this is not a big room with a pathetic design, but a cozy atmospheric place.

Online promotion of the restaurant

Most of the current newlyweds-representatives of the digital generation, which is online 74% of the time. The first thing that makes a young couple after the engagement-begins to Google about everything regarding the organization of weddings in their city. Based on this, your presence in the network directly determines the number of reservations of the Banquet hall, as before ordering a restaurant for a wedding, most couples are studying all the offers available on the Internet.

  1. Add restaurant information to Google My Business. Already added? Great, make sure that there is information about the possibility of holding celebrations and photos of the restaurant with the appropriate design.
  2. Encourage customers to leave feedback about you wherever possible. On the same Google My business, on your Facebook page.
  3. Make your institution in all sorts of online catalogs wedding theme. Type in the search engine “wedding restaurant [your city].” On the first page of the search results you will see a lot of sites ” All for a wedding in [your city]”, ” all Banquet halls [your city]”. To add information about your company, please contact the administration of each individual site.
  4. Create on the website of your restaurant a separate page dedicated to the organization of weddings with a detailed description of your offer, photo gallery, reviews and request form. The form should include the mandatory fields date And format of the event (Classical feast, buffet with buffet and bar, Your format), as well as other fields that will help you to formulate a proposal for a particular couple, which you will present to them by phone or in person.
  5. Promote yourself as a wedding location on your pages in social networks. Avoid dry posts in the spirit of ” Taking orders for weddings, banquets…”. Post “live” content-behind-the-scenes photos and videos about how you are preparing for the event, the details of the hall design, the work of the staff in the kitchen and in the hall, as well as gratitude from the newlyweds. All that may be interesting to your potential customers.

The organization of the wedding in the restaurant

Three key factors that are taken into account by future newlyweds when choosing a restaurant for a wedding:

  • cost
  • atmosphere in the institution
  • possibility of personalization (as far as you are ready to adapt to the wishes of customers).

How to convince them to spend their special day with you? Do everything possible to satisfy their desires. What do the future newlyweds want most when planning their wedding?

Desire number one for most brides and grooms (and especially their parents) — to make a lasting impression on the guests. Make it cooler than everyone else. Original and unusual. So about their wedding the talk continued for at least another six months. And better year!

Help them in this and get the desired effect: rave reviews and”word of mouth marketing”.

Wedding menu

Usually the menu for the wedding is based on the preferences of the bride and groom. But do not forget about the main desire — to surprise and impress guests. On the wedding table should be dishes that people do not usually eat in everyday life. It does not have to be expensive delicacies.

Surprise can not only (and not so much!) ingredients, how many form of applying. For example, instead of banal sandwiches with caviar, you can serve rolls of thin pancakes with the same caviar. Instead of banal salads in common salad bowls-tartlets with the same salads, various canapes and a La carte snacks. As hot dishes, again, what guests do not eat every day, even from the usual products. Grilled dishes, for example, including vegetables for side dishes.

Discussing with the bride and groom menu, focus on the fact that a particular dish will impress guests that due to the unusual dishes of their wedding will talk and remember for a long time.

Recommend them an unusual wedding cake. The kind that all guests take pictures with before they eat. Great if you have at hand the contacts of the master(s) who create unique cakes. If the bride and groom have different preferences in sweets, you can prepare a puzzle cake of two parts or a pseudo-cake consisting of portion cakes.