How to stand out from the competition: 5 tips for the coffee shop owner

The culture of coffee consumption is rapidly developing, so in recent years we have seen a real “coffee boom”. Connoisseurs of fragrant drink discover new ways of its preparation: French press, aeropress, purover, kemeks, siphon. As a result, the number of coffee shops is constantly growing – both small mafs and departments in the shopping center, which offer coffee with them, and full-fledged institutions, where in addition to coffee, you can also eat and spend time comfortably.

The organization of the coffee business is less expensive than opening a cafe or restaurant, so the interest of entrepreneurs in this fast-growing segment is quite obvious. But with each newly opened institution is growing and competition. How to highlight your coffee house against other and win the affection of visitors will discuss in this article.

Tip # 1. Bet on the quality and uniqueness of

Buy a regular espresso with some ordinary croissant can be at any gas station and in almost every grocery store. To stand out, it is worth offering, in addition to the classics, and something special, not just some other unusual coffee, but so good that it justifies its (låne penger) price. Look for such mixtures that have a great rich taste, but not yet presented in your location. Try to create your own recipes. Such original options as Glasse with lavender or horchata latte are remembered by visitors and make them come back to you again.

The same goes for the snacks in your coffee shop. Buns, croissants and other muffins, of course, are always in demand among the public. But all this can be bought in the bread Department of any supermarket or the nearest bakery. Try to offer your customers something that competitors do not have. For example, dilute your usual offers vegan sandwiches, pastries stuffed with seasonal products, original cakes or pies instead of banal buns. But most importantly-all this should be really tasty, not only beautiful and original.

If you’re not sure what recipes and tastes customers will like, just ask them. Arrange tastings and personally interested in the opinion of guests, ask your subscribers in social networks. This will not only help you make decisions, but will also make visitors feel that their opinion is important and taken into account.

Tip # 2. Sell ground coffee

Despite the ubiquity of coffee shops and the undeniable fact that people love to meet, chat and spend time with a Cup of coffee, many still prefer to drink coffee at home or in the office. Don’t lose that target audience. Give this category of coffee connoisseurs the opportunity to become your customers – sell ready-made coffee blends in small packages in the original packaging with the logo of your coffee shop.

Tip # 3. Harmonize the space around you

You are a local business and this is a competitive advantage over similar network institutions. And the inhabitants of the location where your coffee shop is located, are more willing to prefer you to others, if you make this place special, more cozy, interesting, lively.

Actively engage in life around you and others will appreciate it. You can make your existence in a certain place more meaningful if you are involved in solving the problems that concern the inhabitants of your area. Even such small steps as posting information about any local initiatives or events, providing a suspended coffee service, asking to stay at the counter and drink coffee from a Cup, giving up a one-time Cup, and similar activities that demonstrate (compare) your “human face”, will ensure the loyalty of a wide range of people, whose participation will find a sincere response.

Tip # 4. Add creative

Creating a coffee shop that would stand out from the others is not an easy task, given that coffee shops are now opening on almost every corner. To do this, you need to come up with something completely unique. It is beneficial – from the point of view of branding, and for reasons of profitability – to have a unique selling point markedly distinguishes you from others. It’s not necessarily some mega-advanced features. Live acoustic music, a couple of tables with Board games or a slot machine in retro style, a Board with chalk for the wishes and creativity of guests, book-crossing – like “highlights” will make the place more recognizable and, last but not least, more Insta-attractive. And pictures of visitors in instagram – it’s your free advertising, “word of mouth” of our days.

Tip # 5. Encourage regular guests

Most visitors to coffee shops are their regular customers. People who live and work nearby, as well as those whose daily routes pass near the institution. The base of regular customers is the main asset of any business. Therefore, the commitment of regular visitors should be valued and rewarded.

Unlike large chain establishments, small local coffee shops can rarely afford fancy loyalty programs. This problem is entirely solved by coffee shop automation. In the accounting program, you can maintain a customer base and assign each visitor a personal discount, bonus drinks or treats for a certain number of visits, etc.such pleasant incentives will make regulars love your institution even more.

Opening and managing your own coffee shop can be an interesting and exciting business. Attracting regular customers who among the variety of offers will choose you, and support their loyalty-a priority that requires a sincere desire, initiative and a bit of creativity.