How to raise the average check in a restaurant and not be Intrusive

How to increase the average check in a restaurant or cafe without the risk to scare away visitors with excessive importunate and the desire to sell at all costs? How to make sure that guests spend more and at the same time left the institution with a pleasant impression of excellent service, and not with a precipitate from the bad “obsessive service”?

Tactics to increase sales

Increasing the average check is achieved in two ways:

  • to convince the client to order a more expensive analogue of the dish/ drink that he chose (lainaa työttömälle‌‌);
  • sell the visitor additional food / drinks, in addition to ordered them (cross-selling).

It would seem-nothing complicated. But everything is just in words. In fact, to convince a person to spend more than he plans is not easy. Very few employees of the hospitality industry, working directly with customers, manage to do it easily and naturally without hesitation and feeling that you impose on a person what he does not need.

Moreover, most people today have developed a strong immunity to all sorts of marketing tactics and tricks. This is especially true of Millennials — the largest, most active and solvent part of our society. Representatives of this generation, any attempt to impose anything instantly repulsed. At the same time, people of any age, including Millennials, are willing to listen to the competent opinion of those who demonstrate confident knowledge in their niche.

Consequently, the most important and paramount principle arises by itself. Applied in restaurant sales technique for waiters should not be associated with sales at all. Spoken tongue Twister memorized” selling “phrases like” only today we have a unique offer for you…” do not work. As well as ordinary “anything Else?Want some dessert?”and so on. Waiters and bartenders should not sell so much as give visitors recommendations that they really need. Not without benefits for business, of course.

Recommendations, not sales

When a visitor asks for advice, he should never catch even a hint of confusion or incompetence serving his waiter or bartender. In order to provide guests with really valuable recommendations, employees must first of all be free to navigate the menu, namely:

  • know the cost of food and drinks;
  • be able to explain the differences between different brands and varieties of drinks;
  • know what drinks best complement each of the dishes;
  • what additional options can be offered to specific dishes.

The service staff should also be aware of the current situation in the kitchen. Imagine that the waiter convinced the guest that the fish ordered by him will perfectly complement the garnish of rice with broccoli, and then suddenly it vippi‌‌ turns out that broccoli ended yesterday. In order to avoid such inconsistencies, the administrator must carefully monitor the inventory in the accounting program and inform the waiters in time about what dishes need to be promoted, and what — temporarily there is no opportunity to cook.

The wording matters

“Would you like some French fries?”- to be honest, the one who uses such phrases, knows nothing about sales. This question is very easy to answer “No”, because sentences starting with the particle” not ” in themselves imply a negative answer. There are at least 5 ways to say the same, but less Intrusive and more effective.