How to stand out from the competition: 5 tips for the coffee shop owner

The culture of coffee consumption is rapidly developing, so in recent years we have seen a real “coffee boom”. Connoisseurs of fragrant drink discover new ways of its preparation: French press, aeropress, purover, kemeks, siphon. As a result, the number of coffee shops is constantly growing – both small mafs and departments in the shopping center, which offer coffee with them, and full-fledged institutions, where in addition to coffee, you can also eat and spend time comfortably.

The organization of the coffee business is less expensive than opening a cafe or restaurant, so the interest of entrepreneurs in this fast-growing segment is quite obvious. But with each newly opened institution is growing and competition. How to highlight your coffee house against other and win the affection of visitors will discuss in this article.

Tip # 1. Bet on the quality and uniqueness of

Buy a regular espresso with some ordinary croissant can be at any gas station and in almost every grocery store. To stand out, it is worth offering, in addition to the classics, and something special, not just some other unusual coffee, but so good that it justifies its (låne penger) price. Look for such mixtures that have a great rich taste, but not yet presented in your location. Try to create your own recipes. Such original options as Glasse with lavender or horchata latte are remembered by visitors and make them come back to you again.

The same goes for the snacks in your coffee shop. Buns, croissants and other muffins, of course, are always in demand among the public. But all this can be bought in the bread Department of any supermarket or the nearest bakery. Try to offer your customers something that competitors do not have. For example, dilute your usual offers vegan sandwiches, pastries stuffed with seasonal products, original cakes or pies instead of banal buns. But most importantly-all this should be really tasty, not only beautiful and original.

If you’re not sure what recipes and tastes customers will like, just ask them. Arrange tastings and personally interested in the opinion of guests, ask your subscribers in social networks. This will not only help you make decisions, but will also make visitors feel that their opinion is important and taken into account.

Tip # 2. Sell ground coffee

Despite the ubiquity of coffee shops and the undeniable fact that people love to meet, chat and spend time with a Cup of coffee, many still prefer to drink coffee at home or in the office. Don’t lose that target audience. Give this category of coffee connoisseurs the opportunity to become your customers – sell ready-made coffee blends in small packages in the original packaging with the logo of your coffee shop.

Tip # 3. Harmonize the space around you

You are a local business and this is a competitive advantage over similar network institutions. And the inhabitants of the location where your coffee shop is located, are more willing to prefer you to others, if you make this place special, more cozy, interesting, lively.

Actively engage in life around you and others will appreciate it. You can make your existence in a certain place more meaningful if you are involved in solving the problems that concern the inhabitants of your area. Even such small steps as posting information about any local initiatives or events, providing a suspended coffee service, asking to stay at the counter and drink coffee from a Cup, giving up a one-time Cup, and similar activities that demonstrate (compare) your “human face”, will ensure the loyalty of a wide range of people, whose participation will find a sincere response.

Tip # 4. Add creative

Creating a coffee shop that would stand out from the others is not an easy task, given that coffee shops are now opening on almost every corner. To do this, you need to come up with something completely unique. It is beneficial – from the point of view of branding, and for reasons of profitability – to have a unique selling point markedly distinguishes you from others. It’s not necessarily some mega-advanced features. Live acoustic music, a couple of tables with Board games or a slot machine in retro style, a Board with chalk for the wishes and creativity of guests, book-crossing – like “highlights” will make the place more recognizable and, last but not least, more Insta-attractive. And pictures of visitors in instagram – it’s your free advertising, “word of mouth” of our days.

Tip # 5. Encourage regular guests

Most visitors to coffee shops are their regular customers. People who live and work nearby, as well as those whose daily routes pass near the institution. The base of regular customers is the main asset of any business. Therefore, the commitment of regular visitors should be valued and rewarded.

Unlike large chain establishments, small local coffee shops can rarely afford fancy loyalty programs. This problem is entirely solved by coffee shop automation. In the accounting program, you can maintain a customer base and assign each visitor a personal discount, bonus drinks or treats for a certain number of visits, etc.such pleasant incentives will make regulars love your institution even more.

Opening and managing your own coffee shop can be an interesting and exciting business. Attracting regular customers who among the variety of offers will choose you, and support their loyalty-a priority that requires a sincere desire, initiative and a bit of creativity.

How to raise the average check in a restaurant and not be Intrusive

How to increase the average check in a restaurant or cafe without the risk to scare away visitors with excessive importunate and the desire to sell at all costs? How to make sure that guests spend more and at the same time left the institution with a pleasant impression of excellent service, and not with a precipitate from the bad “obsessive service”?

Tactics to increase sales

Increasing the average check is achieved in two ways:

  • to convince the client to order a more expensive analogue of the dish/ drink that he chose (lainaa työttömälle‌‌);
  • sell the visitor additional food / drinks, in addition to ordered them (cross-selling).

It would seem-nothing complicated. But everything is just in words. In fact, to convince a person to spend more than he plans is not easy. Very few employees of the hospitality industry, working directly with customers, manage to do it easily and naturally without hesitation and feeling that you impose on a person what he does not need.

Moreover, most people today have developed a strong immunity to all sorts of marketing tactics and tricks. This is especially true of Millennials — the largest, most active and solvent part of our society. Representatives of this generation, any attempt to impose anything instantly repulsed. At the same time, people of any age, including Millennials, are willing to listen to the competent opinion of those who demonstrate confident knowledge in their niche.

Consequently, the most important and paramount principle arises by itself. Applied in restaurant sales technique for waiters should not be associated with sales at all. Spoken tongue Twister memorized” selling “phrases like” only today we have a unique offer for you…” do not work. As well as ordinary “anything Else?Want some dessert?”and so on. Waiters and bartenders should not sell so much as give visitors recommendations that they really need. Not without benefits for business, of course.

Recommendations, not sales

When a visitor asks for advice, he should never catch even a hint of confusion or incompetence serving his waiter or bartender. In order to provide guests with really valuable recommendations, employees must first of all be free to navigate the menu, namely:

  • know the cost of food and drinks;
  • be able to explain the differences between different brands and varieties of drinks;
  • know what drinks best complement each of the dishes;
  • what additional options can be offered to specific dishes.

The service staff should also be aware of the current situation in the kitchen. Imagine that the waiter convinced the guest that the fish ordered by him will perfectly complement the garnish of rice with broccoli, and then suddenly it vippi‌‌ turns out that broccoli ended yesterday. In order to avoid such inconsistencies, the administrator must carefully monitor the inventory in the accounting program and inform the waiters in time about what dishes need to be promoted, and what — temporarily there is no opportunity to cook.

The wording matters

“Would you like some French fries?”- to be honest, the one who uses such phrases, knows nothing about sales. This question is very easy to answer “No”, because sentences starting with the particle” not ” in themselves imply a negative answer. There are at least 5 ways to say the same, but less Intrusive and more effective.

Reviews of the restaurant. How to manage and react.

Reviews of the restaurant

According to statistics, customer reviews left on the Internet-one of the main factors affecting the number of guests in your restaurant. Visitors who have already visited you and decided to write a review to help new potential customers to determine whether they fit your institution or not.

Any experienced restaurateur knows that you need to constantly take care and improve the reputation of the institution, this directly affects the profit of your business. Feedback control and feedback is very important to the overall success of the business. There are several services where visitors can share their impressions of visiting a new place and leave feedback.

  • twitter
  • facebook
  • foursquare
  • tripadvisor
  • the official page of your institution

Basically, these are social networks, where people just write a reviews of the restaurant. using special hashtags, or comment on the official pages of various institutions. It is very important that the information you have in social networks has always been relevant – do not mislead customers, and leave the wrong prices or promotions that have not been valid for a long time. Make sure you’re notified of new comments right away. It is very important to quickly respond to any feedback, both positive and negative. In the information on the page you can specify the hashtags that users will put by posting photos from your restaurant, and thus you can easily track the activity of users and mark new photos.

Reviews of the restaurant on social networks

social networks

It is necessary to understand why most users leave comments on their pages on social networks or in groups. If you have a website and it has a special page “Reviews of our customers”, and it has no more than 3 reviews per year-do not worry. You may be required to register on the site and need to go through a complex process by creating an account, but most Internet users are used to share experiences and emotions on their pages, so that their friends can see the information, as well as in the official groups of your restaurant on facebook or twitter. That’s why pay special attention to the content on the pages and make sure that each reviews of the restaurant. was with feedback.

Be sure to give a nice bonus or discount for everyone who filled out the form – you have to show that everyone who spent their time really helped you and you are grateful for it.

Another way to find out what customers think about your institution is to use an email newsletter. You can create a profile, for example, using the Google Form service, as well as make it anonymous in order to make your customers feel safe and give honest answers. This newsletter can be done only if you have a database of customers who have left their contact details indicating that they are ready to receive news and special offers from you.

Before you create a questionnaire, you need to analyze what problem you will help to solve customer answers. It could be:

  • loyalty system
  • service
  • new items in the menu
  • service

Do not do too many questions in the newsletter, think you would spend 10 minutes of your personal time on this form. It is best to give ready-made answers and a few questions. Don’t forget to make a special line for wishes and suggestions especially for those who want to say more!

Be sure to give a nice bonus or discount for everyone who filled out the form – you have to show that everyone who spent their time really helped you and you are grateful for it.

Feedback processing and optimization of the restaurant

Now, based on the feedback received, you can analyze the work of the institution and decide what to change or add. The main wishes of customers are usually related to the quality of service or menu. That is why, to optimize the work of the restaurant you need to answer these questions for yourself:

  1. how quickly the waiters serve the tables
  2. do you have a person in your team who does not work well
  3. how smoothly the staff works
  4. what items on the menu did not please customers
  5. how many guests wrote a bad reviews of the restaurant. about a particular dish

These are the main issues that most often help to improve the performance of the restaurant, and to understand what was wrong. It is thanks to the feedback from visitors that you will be able to see your restaurant from the outside and understand what can be improved or replaced. Very often, your guests will help you identify and deal with a problem that you did not even notice.

The secrets of creating menus that sell

creating menus

The impression of visitors about the institution and, accordingly, its profitability is influenced by a lot of things: the kitchen, the level of service, the atmosphere, cleanliness in the bathrooms. One such factor that many restaurateurs often overlook is the menu. Selling potential which is difficult to overestimate. In fact, it is advertising that the visitor is guaranteed to see and pay close attention to it. Your task is to make the menu so that it has the desired effect.

In this article I will share with you the secrets of creating a menu that will work to increase profits. The following tips will be useful for those who are just starting a restaurant business, as well as experienced restaurateurs who do not get tired to improve their offspring.

Make it easier for visitors to choose

Scientifically proven fact-the wider a person’s choice of options, the more confusion and discomfort. This is confirmed by the study of Iyengar Tire, an expert in sales psychology, during which 24 types of jams were placed on the shelves in a grocery supermarket one day, and the next – only 6 types. On the first day, only 3% of customers added to their basket jar of jam, while the second delicacy bought more than 30% of buyers. Excessive choice often leads to the fact that a person refuses to choose at all.

According to another study, 80% of total sales are achieved through 16% of menu items. The remaining 84% brings only a fifth of the income.

It is not necessary to burden the guests a huge variety. From time to time it is necessary to analyze the menu and remove the ballast. Don’t know what to remove? First of all, review the sales reports and identify the worst-selling dishes. Among them, highlight the dishes with the lowest margin and get rid of these outsiders. This will not only simplify the choice of your guests, but also facilitate the work of chefs, which will have a positive impact on the speed and quality of their work.

Program for restaurants and bars

One menu or several?

If your institution provides different menus for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, or for example a separate children’s menu, do not put it all in one folder. It is better to divide them into several separate and serve guests only relevant menu for them.

Bournemouth University even studied the formula of the optimal number of dishes in the creating menus: for fast food six dishes in each category, for ordinary restaurants – seven positions in the categories of snacks, salads, desserts and ten main dishes.

With pictures or without?

Whether to place pictures in the menu and in what quantity? Photos of great dishes attract attention in and of themselves do advertising food and drink. Often visitors, making a choice, instead of the name of the dish just point the waiter to your favorite picture. The disadvantage of this solution is that the use of images increases the size of the menu.

If you use photos in the creating menus design, pay special attention to their selection and design:

  • use only high-quality professional photos;
  • place photos of your dishes in the menu, not colorful pictures from the Internet-even if your dishes have excellent taste, the discrepancy of their appearance with the one shown in the picture will leave visitors with a feeling of deception and an unpleasant aftertaste;
    professional design-menu with pictures from the point of view of design should look as a whole;
  • add photos of mouthwatering descriptions of the dishes.

The development of a menu without illustrations for each position also has its advantages. So the menu looks more concise and takes up less space. In this restrained version of the design come to the fore description. Often in the restaurant menu you have to see a simple list of ingredients in the signatures to the dishes, such as”chicken fillet, Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, white bread crackers, Caesar sauce”. The text in the description should arouse the appetite and cause the desire to try the dish. As an option: “the Famous salad of tender chicken breast and fresh salad-Romaine, seasoned with special sauce and strewn with Parmesan, crispy crunches and halves of cherry tomatoes.”

How to write prices?

To round to an integer or to write 99 after the decimal point? It depends on your target audience. If you consider yourself to be a premium-segment establishments, your guests obviously expect to spend more on a meal than they would have spent on food cooked at home. Therefore, if the dish is 150 UAH, it makes no sense in tricks, like 149.99 UAH. If you are focused on the lower and middle price segment, where it is important for the buyer to spend less, prices in the format of 19.95 or 29.99 are justified.

In any case, when designing a menu, it is important to minimize any Association with spending money:

  • avoid currency, specify the price in simple numbers without UAH, RUB, etc.
  • give up the tabular format-the column with prices all its kind causes unnecessary associations with the calculation of costs. It is better to write prices right next to the name of the dish and, if possible, not to allocate them or to allocate a minimum (color or font style, for example);
  • remove the lines / dashed lines that indicate the price;
  • again, work on attractive descriptions of dishes – they will divert attention from the price.

Menu structure

The location of the menu sections is not the case when you should experiment with creativity. They should be placed in the correct sequence: Snacks, Salads, First courses, Main courses, side Dishes, Desserts, Drinks. And yet, even such a clear structure of the restaurant menu leaves room for time-tested marketing techniques.

Trap positions

Place the most expensive positions at the top. Visitors usually view the list from top to bottom. If the first thing that the guest saw is a lobster for 400 UAH, the dishes with prices significantly lower, located under it, will look very acceptable choice.

Also, almost any menu has expensive items that are rarely ordered. Use them as a trap. Place near this position tradable dishes that have the highest margin. In the neighborhood with an expensive dish, they will look very profitable in the eyes of visitors.

Golden triangle

On the basis of the study, which studied the patterns, which moves the look of the person who picked up the menu, the rule of the”Golden triangle”was formulated. According to him, the visitor’s eyes move from the center to the upper right corner and then to the upper left corner. It is in this triangle that it is important to try to fit the positions on which you want to focus, especially dishes and drinks with the highest margin.

Size matters

If your restaurant is not a luxury restaurant with a leather-bound menu with gold lettering, think about a different menu format than standard A4 sheets. For example, a small narrow menu of three additions does not take up much space and can remain on the table for the entire stay of the guest in the institution, which allows you to make an additional order without having to ask the waiter to bring the menu again.

In any case, the size of the menu should correspond to the size of the tables in the institution. The visitor should not wonder where to put the bulky menu, when he has already decided on the choice.

Errors in menu design

Avoid the most common mistakes in the design of the menu.

Unreadable font

Sometimes an intricate font is a component of the institution’s branding, in such cases it should not be excluded from the menu, but writing the entire menu in a font that is poorly read is also not the best solution. Ornate style can be left for headlines, and for the list of dishes to choose a simple, well-read font.

Focus on prices

“What a price for a steak!”- this is clearly not the effect that should cause a cursory view of the menu. Do not distract visitors from studying the range of dishes and drinks brightly allocated prices.

Grammatical flaws

You are a restaurateur, not a Philology graduate. You will be forgiven grammatical errors. In personal correspondence, for example. In the menu of your institution-in any case. Before you give the menu to print, be sure to give it to the proofreading specialist.


The menu is an integral part of the institution’s branding and must comply with the General concept. Demonstrate your individuality through the menu and declare the principles on which your business is built. Not only in design, but also in texts. In addition to the list of items in the menu (if appropriate, based on the format of the restaurant), you can add a variety of phrases and quotes, such as “No small portions — you will not leave here hungry!”or” our steaks are made from the freshest meat that hasn’t even seen the fridge.”

Menu on the institution’s website in PDF format
Users should be able to view your menu online without having to download PDFs. Not to mention the fact that this format is not suitable for viewing on mobile devices, and the text in the PDF is not indexed by search engines.

A well-designed menu is an effective marketing tool that can solve a lot of tasks: to guide and help with the choice of guests, to perform part of the waiter’s work on the description of dishes and their advantages, as well as to convince guests to visit your cafe or restaurant again.

Use the tips above to create a truly selling menu. Do not forget also about competitors. If your cafe is not the only one within a radius of 100 km, before you take up the development of a new design, poshpionte and study the menu of your competitors, and then do better than them.

Don’t forget to add a QR code at the bottom of the menu that leads to your website or social network page. A link to the social network will allow guests to share their impressions of you with their friends, noting your location in the post. As practice shows, this “midst a Facebook-integralnoe radio” working on the promotion very effectively, while not requiring the cost of

Promotion of the restaurant as a location for weddings and banquets

Promotion of the restaurant as a venue for weddings and other special events is quite time — consuming and long process. But it’s definitely worth the effort. Taking a wedding or other celebration, you at once attract a wide audience, which with the right approach will be able to convert into loyal customers of your institution.

The promotion of the Banquet hall of the restaurant

So, weddings and other banquets — this is an opportunity to reach a large audience. Guests who visited you at the wedding in the restaurant – your potential customers. If you are located in a big city, perhaps many of them did not even know about the existence of your promotion of the restaurant.

If they like the cuisine and the level of service, they are very likely to become your visitors. If, in addition to the kitchen, you manage to impress guests with a high level of the event, they will probably want to celebrate your own special event. Not necessarily a wedding, it can be an anniversary, corporate event, etc.

Moreover, a huge circle of people who were not even present at the event will know about you. These are friends and acquaintances of the guests, with whom the latter will certainly share their impressions. These are friends of guests in social networks who will see photos from the wedding.

So, the benefits are obvious. What you need to do to attract newlyweds to the restaurant and how to create a holiday so unforgettable for them to use the full “word of mouth” and reactions in social networks?

Declare yourself as a wedding location

Even if you have a small place in the area and it would seem that there is no possibility to take crowded events, you can position yourself as a promotion of the restaurant for a small wedding. Today, many couples prefer to celebrate their special day in a narrow circle of the closest people and are looking for this is not a big room with a pathetic design, but a cozy atmospheric place.

Online promotion of the restaurant

Most of the current newlyweds-representatives of the digital generation, which is online 74% of the time. The first thing that makes a young couple after the engagement-begins to Google about everything regarding the organization of weddings in their city. Based on this, your presence in the network directly determines the number of reservations of the Banquet hall, as before ordering a restaurant for a wedding, most couples are studying all the offers available on the Internet.

  1. Add restaurant information to Google My Business. Already added? Great, make sure that there is information about the possibility of holding celebrations and photos of the restaurant with the appropriate design.
  2. Encourage customers to leave feedback about you wherever possible. On the same Google My business, on your Facebook page.
  3. Make your institution in all sorts of online catalogs wedding theme. Type in the search engine “wedding restaurant [your city].” On the first page of the search results you will see a lot of sites ” All for a wedding in [your city]”, ” all Banquet halls [your city]”. To add information about your company, please contact the administration of each individual site.
  4. Create on the website of your restaurant a separate page dedicated to the organization of weddings with a detailed description of your offer, photo gallery, reviews and request form. The form should include the mandatory fields date And format of the event (Classical feast, buffet with buffet and bar, Your format), as well as other fields that will help you to formulate a proposal for a particular couple, which you will present to them by phone or in person.
  5. Promote yourself as a wedding location on your pages in social networks. Avoid dry posts in the spirit of ” Taking orders for weddings, banquets…”. Post “live” content-behind-the-scenes photos and videos about how you are preparing for the event, the details of the hall design, the work of the staff in the kitchen and in the hall, as well as gratitude from the newlyweds. All that may be interesting to your potential customers.

The organization of the wedding in the restaurant

Three key factors that are taken into account by future newlyweds when choosing a restaurant for a wedding:

  • cost
  • atmosphere in the institution
  • possibility of personalization (as far as you are ready to adapt to the wishes of customers).

How to convince them to spend their special day with you? Do everything possible to satisfy their desires. What do the future newlyweds want most when planning their wedding?

Desire number one for most brides and grooms (and especially their parents) — to make a lasting impression on the guests. Make it cooler than everyone else. Original and unusual. So about their wedding the talk continued for at least another six months. And better year!

Help them in this and get the desired effect: rave reviews and”word of mouth marketing”.

Wedding menu

Usually the menu for the wedding is based on the preferences of the bride and groom. But do not forget about the main desire — to surprise and impress guests. On the wedding table should be dishes that people do not usually eat in everyday life. It does not have to be expensive delicacies.

Surprise can not only (and not so much!) ingredients, how many form of applying. For example, instead of banal sandwiches with caviar, you can serve rolls of thin pancakes with the same caviar. Instead of banal salads in common salad bowls-tartlets with the same salads, various canapes and a La carte snacks. As hot dishes, again, what guests do not eat every day, even from the usual products. Grilled dishes, for example, including vegetables for side dishes.

Discussing with the bride and groom menu, focus on the fact that a particular dish will impress guests that due to the unusual dishes of their wedding will talk and remember for a long time.

Recommend them an unusual wedding cake. The kind that all guests take pictures with before they eat. Great if you have at hand the contacts of the master(s) who create unique cakes. If the bride and groom have different preferences in sweets, you can prepare a puzzle cake of two parts or a pseudo-cake consisting of portion cakes.

Is it worth buying an existing institution?

Many of those who dream of becoming a restaurateur, often think about buying an existing institution. Buying a ready-made restaurant promises many advantages-you do not need to be puzzled by the search for premises, furniture, equipment, look for suppliers, recruit staff, etc.on the other hand, if you sell a restaurant or bar with not the most brilliant reputation, even after the most radical rebranding, you may not be able to change the established opinion about the institution. Therefore, before considering such a deal, it is necessary to evaluate all the pros and cons of buying a working restaurant.

If you already have experience in the management of catering, you will probably be easier to assess all the advantages and potential risks. For those who want to try their luck in this field for the first time, I recommend initially weigh the chances that you will make a good restaurateur.

You will be a great restaurateur if:

  • love people, enjoy communication, know how to listen and adequately perceive criticism.
  • you have such a skill as multitasking. As a restaurateur you will have to conduct a lot of telephone conversations, take care of visitors, resolve conflict situations in the team, look for repairmen for suddenly broken equipment – and all this can fit in only one shift.
  • stress resistance is one of your strongest qualities. A certain level of stress is inherent in any job, but owning and managing a restaurant is a completely different level. If any little thing makes you worry a lot, then everything that happens in the restaurant will lead to stress – from skirmishes between employees to delays in deliveries. The restaurant has a full hall of guests-you worry about the quality of service, visitors a little – worry about profit. When it snows — you worry about how to attract customers, and so on to infinity. Experiences and stress always go hand in hand. And if you can not cope with their experiences, the restaurant business – most likely not for you.
  • you know how to delegate responsibilities. Many small business owners belong to the category of people who use the logic of “it will be better and faster if I do it myself”. That’s only in the management of the restaurant this attitude can do you a bad service. You will need the ability to delegate many daily tasks, the ability to teach and trust responsible work to others.

Buying a restaurant: what to look for?

By analogy with the opening of a cafe/restaurant from scratch, when buying an existing facility, you should first consider such factors as the location, compliance with the concept of the institution to the needs of the audience living nearby (if you do not plan to radically change the concept), future rental costs, utilities, staff salaries.

The first question that needs to be answered: “Why is this place for sale?”. There can be two options:

  1. The owner objectively can no longer take care of his institution: changing the type of activity, moving or for any other personal reasons (health problems, difficulties in the family, etc.) forced to sell a cafe or restaurant.
  2. The institution is unprofitable, bogged down in debt, the owner is not able to correct the situation and tries to get rid of the problem cargo.

Honestly-nothing. There is no guarantee that the establishment you have purchased will be successful in the future. But you have every opportunity to understand what it is now – a profitable and successful business or a real financial nightmare. This will have to find out the following:

Financial condition

Ask the current owner for all the financial documents to analyze the state of the enterprise.
Find out if there are any debts to suppliers, landlords, utilities.
Find out the average monthly and average annual costs of products, wages, rent and compare them with the average market.
Reporting and clear figures on the costs you will need not only to make a decision about the transaction, but also for the subsequent preparation of your own business plan, if you still decide to buy.

If the owner has no hidden thoughts, he will willingly provide all reporting requested by you. Any attempt to conceal anything should be seen as a Wake-up call.


If you are familiar with the institution (worked with him or been there as a guest), to assess the location of the restaurant will be easier. Otherwise, you need to sensibly assess the popularity and patency of the place, to find out which audience most often visits it, and how it coincides with your plans and aspirations. In addition, it is necessary to look around and ask the neighbors, the presence of nearby Parking, as well as be sure to communicate with the landlord and make sure that for you the terms of the lease will not change after purchase.


Before buying, you need to decide whether you will leave the branding of the restaurant as it is or will change it. Will the name, kitchen, interior, staff remain the same? Changing the concept will entail additional, rather significant costs. And in this case, it is worth assessing whether it is advisable to buy a ready-made restaurant and “reshape” it for yourself or still create your child from scratch.


This is a very important point. Getting rid of bad fame is sometimes very, very difficult, even if you plan to completely change the concept of the restaurant: make changes to the menu, update the interior and recruit new staff. If the institution before you was not the best reputation, people by inertia for a long time will treat it biased.

Conclusion of the sale of the restaurant

How to make a deal if you have weighed all the “pros” and “cons” and decided to buy a ready-made restaurant business?

  • Contact the owner. If you saw an ad for the sale of the restaurant business or learned from friends that the institution is for sale, you need to find the owner’s contacts and communicate with him. Perhaps the staff is not yet aware that the institution is for sale. It makes no sense to come directly to the restaurant and try to communicate on the subject of purchase and sale with the staff.
  • Specify what is included in the amount. Buying an existing cafe / restaurant with all the equipment, furniture and stock can be a very profitable deal, but only if you do not plan to change anything. If you have far-reaching plans for rebranding, it is possible that most of the existing inventory in the institution you do not need and there is no need to pay for all this.
  • Sensibly, without unnecessary emotions, evaluate the value of the business. Once you have decided what exactly you pay for, answer the question whether it is appropriate price for this offer. A person who is very excited about the idea of a new business may have difficulties with an adequate assessment of the acquired assets. On the methods of evaluation of the restaurant business will tell you below.
  • Define the sales scheme. The sale of a restaurant can be arranged in one of two ways: property, when the business is sold as a set of assets, or by selling corporate rights to the company.

Current trends in restaurant interior design

restaurant interior design

Decor in the style of the middle of the last century, Wallpaper with huge leaves and flowers, unique dishes — modern trends in restaurant interior design are diverse and variable as never before. And yet, what trends are brighter and more noticeable this year? Those that not only allow you to nurture the commitment of regular customers, but also competently attract attention, surprise, become the subject of discussion. And also encouraging to spend time in a comfortable environment, causing a desire to stay for longer-not only to taste delicious food, but also to take a photo for Instagram on the background of an interesting interior and tell friends about the cozy atmosphere. Let’s look at how the interior design of the restaurant can help in achieving the above effects.

Wallpaper with large floral pattern

From delicate and elegant flowers to real jungle — Wallpapers with floral restaurant interior design conquer the walls of restaurants around the world. Where did this trend come from? The fact that the photo of flowers and plants — one of the most popular types of content in social networks, and restaurants do not miss the opportunity to use it to your advantage. The use of living plants in restaurant interior design is quite time-consuming and expensive idea, especially if none of the staff has the talent of a gardener. While Wallpaper – a simple and affordable way to transform the interior and create a feeling for visitors to stay close to nature. Beautiful Wallpapers also create a great background for photos that visitors make in the institution, which also contributes to the promotion of the Internet.

“Home environment”

Many restaurants today replace the secluded tables for two large tables, which can accommodate more people, and separate chairs and chairs — long shared sofas on the wall. What for? Such common Seating encourages interaction and communication, leads to the establishment of more companies, as well as optimize the space in the hall, allowing you to take more guests at the same time.

Another very noticeable trend is the use of furniture and decor, which turn the hall into a cozy home living room. Some restaurants, along with a hall with traditional tables, equip a separate room with sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, bookcases, where guests are treated to aperitifs, drinks and even main dishes, if they like and convenient. This cozy and relaxed atmosphere allows guests to feel relaxed, “at home” and brings the atmosphere in the cafe to a new level.

Focus on lighting

Lighting, muted so that it is impossible to make out what is written in the menu, is a thing of the past. Instead, restaurants use more bright and pleasant lighting. But this does not mean that the restaurant should be a blinding light. We are talking about thoughtful lighting, which is aimed at certain areas in the hall.

Restaurants are also increasingly resorting to” smart ” lighting system that allow you to remotely change the intensity and even the shade of light as a particular light bulb, and the whole restaurant lighting.


Retro finish

Brass and chrome decor are returning to the trends of the restaurant interior. These metals are used in the decoration of bar counters, tables and chairs to create a retro atmosphere. This metal decor goes well with another retro trend-floor linoleum instead of parquet or tile. Again-in order to create a more “home” and cozy atmosphere.

Another retro trend-neon signs on the walls. They create a great background for pictures in Instagram, especially if the inscription is cool or witty.

Not only local cuisine

The demand for local cuisine in the restaurant industry is getting higher from year to year. Only now should be authentic not only food, but also the restaurant interior design of the institution.

Restaurateurs attract local designers to the process, because local cuisine is not only traditional recipes for a certain area and products grown by local farmers, but also unique in its kind dishes, furniture, decor, created by the hands of local craftsmen.

Restaurant interior design

Interior trends in the restaurant industry come and go quite quickly, to adapt to the changing tastes of the consumer. Keep up with all the trends is simply unrealistic, and do not need. It is important to be aware of what the interior design of restaurants in the trend at the moment, and in time to make the necessary changes that are harmoniously woven into the concept. This will maintain a keen interest in the cafe / restaurant and show visitors that you are keeping pace with the times and develop with them.